Let’s Just Chat

This blog has had it’s ups and downs.  It started out very weakly, until a friend told me to keep at it.  I made it a mission to write something about my experiences with comedy.  My experience is that of an 11 year comedian that lives in Spokane, WA and makes barely enough from comedy to be considered poor.  I have not been on The Last Comic Standing or have been on any late night talk shows.  I am the average comedian just trying to get more work and support what I love very much.  That is why this blog doesn’t cover things like forming your late night set and working at The Laugh Factory.  I’ve never done that.  I have performed in a club in the woods of Northern Idaho.  I have performed in bars where a fight broke out before and after the comedy show.  I have performed in front of 900 people and I have performed in front of two people. I have driving through deserts and I have driving through snow storms.  I struggle to get the email addresses of bookers, and I am afraid of asking my comedic friends for favors.  That is what this blog is about.  The struggles of the comedian that just wants to do what they love for a living.

A lot of things I do are not truly popular.  I have a podcast, a photography business, and comedy and they would all be considered…meh.  This blog gets about 100-200 readers a month.  I book about 1-2 photography appointments every couple of months and my podcast is listened to about 40 people a month. I get booked about 2-3 times a month.  Most people would consider that an utter failure.  I don’t consider it that because it is what makes me get out of bed in the morning.  I like to write (even though I should write more so I can get better at it) I like to do my podcast, and I like to get on stages and make people laugh.  I may not be making 60k a year from comedy, but I enjoy this more than sitting at a desk. That is not to knock people who have normal jobs, that is just to say that I personally could not do it knowing that what I really love to do, what drives me, is right there.

I started writing this blog because I would get newer guys asking me how to do things that no one ever told me how to do.  No one told me how to write a bio.  I had to write it up and see that it was terrible and then read about it and then work from there.  No one told me how to get in contact with bookers.  I was giving an address and I mailed my stuff to them (what I thought they would need).  No one told me what I needed to do to make sure my feature set was something that wouldn’t get me booed off the stage.  I had to go through the stares and sad looks myself.  I’m not saying I did this all on my own. People gave me advice, but I had to ask for it.  So, I decided to just start a blog that people could turn toward and get that info.

If I am an expert in anything it is how it feels to fail.  I have failed a lot.  In love, marriage, parenting, finances, military career, I have sat with my head in my hands, trying to find a way to keep pushing when I was pinned to the ground.  I have given up a lot.  I have, for some reason, gotten back up more. That is life though, not just comedy.  Life is just a series of kicks to the nuts, and it is up to us to decide if we will let it or if we will keep going.  The only reason I have kept going at comedy, and writing, and acting, is because it is one of the few things that brings joy to me.  I can not run away from the things that make me who I am and you shouldn’t either.  I may never be the comedian that I want to be.  I may forever stay booked 2-3 times a month to sparsely attended bar shows, and I may forever be “random guy #2” in a straight to Netflix movie, but those are the things that make me feel alive, and if I turn away from that what would that mean for me?  What do I do when I give up on the things that I love?  This blog does not have all the answers.  It can’t ensure you that one day you will be in a movie with Kevin Hart.  All it can do is help you out and inspire you to keep pushing.  Happy 4th to everyone and have a great week.

Santa Claus Is A Drug Dealer

That is the only way to explain how he has so much money to buy kids all these damn gifts.  He gives everyone what they want so the law will stay off his ass.  He learned it from Oprah.

I haven’t done many of these Wednesday posts recently.  I don’t even know why.  I was busy a couple of times that I forgot to do one, but the other times I was just playing video games and being a slacker.  I have also not been posting the photos of the week, but that may be because I was a little too under the weather to take pictures during the week.

The podcast is doing really well.  I get about 70 listens a month, which is more than I expected.  Podcast are not really a popular thing, and I am not a popular personality, so having anyone listen is a great thing.  I enjoy doing the podcast.  I feel like a radio jockey.  You don’t know who is listening to your insanity, but you spew it out there anyway.

The Kid and I have been spending a lot of time together, and I enjoy it a lot.  When I look at her I can see her mom in her facial features.  It is weird seeing your DNA walk around and talk to you.  She has her mom’s mannerisms and my dad’s temper.

My birthday is coming up and the only thing about birthdays that is cool is that people tend to give you free stuff.  That is all.  I don’t drink.  I don’t want to celebrate the fact that I am too old to be the backup QB for the Greenbay Packers.  I just want the gift cards.

Never Trust A Badger With A Switchblade

It is the holiday season, and so it is the season in which you will see on the news people doing really cool things…and then doing really disgusting things, like stealing a tablet from handicapped person.

My last show of November was really great.  Got to work with a booker that I haven’t worked with in awhile, and got to perform in a place I haven’t before, with a comic that I have never worked with before.  A lot of great experiences and it was a casino gig and I didn’t lose an arm and a leg.

I have three shows this month, and they are all pretty good.  I am excited about getting another comedy album out there.  I am not at the level where it is anticipated, but I feel as though I should try to sell a new CD that is more modern to my way of doing comedy.  When I made the first CD in 2012, that material was from an earlier time in my career when I was writing less about myself and more “tall tales”.  I have no problem with it, but if you came to one of my shows now and you wanted a CD you will get a different experience. Don’t worry, I got plenty of the old CDs to sell if you want to carpet your garage or something.

The podcast has been doing really well.  I am getting the amount of listeners that I expected, and I am having a good time.  I have to invest in audio gear, like a voice isolator, so it doesn’t sound so hollow.  I also have to work on my speaking.  I feel like I stumble a lot more.

Photography has been slow which is normal for this time of year.  I am really excited about getting out during the spring time to knock out some projects that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  I have been wanting to film this short film idea that I have been knocking around in my head for awhile.  The problem is that if people don’t have an incentive, then they will not really take it seriously.  That is why I want to pay people to come and do my damn film.  That way, they have no objections.  You took the money, you agreed to the time, you get to the set!