Let’s Chat

I haven’t written an post in awhile that wasn’t about some topic I had been thinking about all week, so I decided to just chat it up.

Local comedy is picking up nicely.  Every year or so we will get in influx of comedians and it is always interesting to see which ones will stick it out and which ones will stop showing up.  Every group has a couple of bright spots and then a couple that really have no business on a stage.  Not because their stand-up is bad, but because their definition of what is funny is usually disturbing.  I am not one to tell anyone what jokes they should and should not do, but you have to read the room!  If you start a joke and you feel the room not going with you on it, it is not being a coward to just drop it right there.  Now, this is easy for me to say.  I have been doing this for more than a decade, but when you are on stage you don’t lose your ability to sense social situations.

Comedy as work has always been a weird thing even for someone like me that has been doing it for a while.  A couple nights ago, I performed and while driving back to the hotel room, I felt this sense of dread sweep all over me.  I started thinking if this is what I wanted to do forever.  Will I be happy if I never make it out of the bottom rung of paid performers.  Destined to spend the rest of my life performing for people that don’t care who is up there, just as long and they keep the dick jokes coming.  I have been doing this for so long, that if I stopped…what would I do with myself.  Almost every aspect of my life is built around comedy and it would be an empty existence if I stopped doing this.



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