Where The Blog Is Heading

If you stop by this blog on the regular, you will notice that I have been pretty sparse with the articles during the 2016 calendar month.  There are many reasons for this.  2016 was a really good year comedy wise for me.  Lots of shows, but that also meant lots of travel.  It was hard for me to get out of a car after a five hour drive or after a plane ride and write an article on something.  That is not a great excuse, but it is the only one I have.  It is not that I have ran out of ideas for articles or anything, I have just been busy and have not had time to dedicate it to weekly articles.  I will try to change that.  I think I will start releasing articles on Sunday instead of Monday.  I don’t know why I started on Mondays, maybe it was the day after I got back into town after shows, so I was still hyped up.  I am also thinking of doing YouTube videos that mirror the blog because blogs have not been a thing for awhile.  I mean my favorite sites are basically blogs, but not many people get their information from blogs.  If they do, you don’t have to update it.  I keep getting about 50 hits a week about a article I wrote entitled ‘Donald Trump Is A Cartoon Super villain’.  I don’t think I wrote much about Trump, but the title alone keeps getting people to come.  I am glad people still come to the blog.  Last year was a down year, and I still managed about five thousand visitors.  For a site like IGN that is what they get in about a minute, but for a guy that has no TV credits and is not known, I think it is alright.  I want to thank you guys for sticking with me, and reading my stuff.  Like I have always said, this blog is by a guy that is living it just like every other comedian trying to break to the next level.  I will never pretend to know how to get an hour special, or get on Conan, but if I get those things, I will tell you how did it.  Thanks, and welcome to 2017 where there are still no rocket boots.


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