How To Deal With Slack Comedians

As you move up in the world of comedy, you will meet lazy ass comedians.  Let’s talk about how to deal with them.

Before we go any further, we have to talk about comedians that are just doing it as a hobby.  If they are not trying to make this a career, or trying to make money then this doesn’t really apply to them.  They can be as slack as they want.  This is talking about those that talk about making this a career, but their lazy asses get in the way of all that.

It may seem subjective to call some comedians lazy or slack, but it isn’t.  Think about ways comedians get better today.  They go out to open mics and shows, they write new material (or sharpen the old stuff) and they try to network with as many comedians as possible.  If they are not doing that then their actions do not meet up with their talk.  Life gets in the way of our dreams, but it seems like those that really want it find a way and those that don’t find excuses.

I deal with comedians all the time that want to be a paid comedian, and make it a career, but they refuse to do the things necessary to make it happen.  It used to bother me, watching comedians that I would call my friends not coming to shows and not going to open mics and doing the little things to get better. Then when they got on a show they wouldn’t even tell their friends that they were doing one!  It would frustrate me.  After talking to comedians that have been doing this far longer than me, I realized that you can’t drag everyone across the finish line.  Out of any population there will be those that have a better work ethic than joke delivery.  Those that are funny, but lazy, and those that just like the life of a comedian without all the joke telling.  If you are trying to succeed, you can not concern yourself with that because it can drag you down as well.

It’s not just the comedy itself, but everything that surrounds comedy.  I help put on shows here in the area, and it used to get to me how people would get on the show and then not do the little things to help it be a success.  They wouldn’t promote it on their social media, they wouldn’t tell anyone, they would just show up.  That is not how it works in 2016!  You have to get the word out that you have entertainment because you are fighting against Netflix, movies, concerts, and just people laying on the couch.  What I realized is that I was transferring my goals on to every other comedian I met.  I just assumed that if I wanted to be a working comedian that everyone else wanted to as well.  That isn’t the case.  So what I started doing was focusing on my own goals.  What I noticed was that because not everyone was trying as hard, it made it easier to stand out.  This was about seven years ago and it is the same today.  If you want to make a career out of comedy get to work and you will notice that you are leaving those that aren’t willing to write and get their stuff in order (head shots, videos that sort of thing) behind.  So, to answer the title of this article.  How do you deal with slack comedians?  Don’t.  If you are working and are consistent you won’t see them for much longer.


One thought on “How To Deal With Slack Comedians

  1. lazyness never pays off cause there would be many awsome things you could be doing instead of rotting on the couch chetting stupid social media if you had money.

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