Why Joke Stealing Is Wrong

You may think this is a no brainer, but for some, it is a foreign concept, that telling a joke of someone’s is not a cool thing.  If you need an explanation as to why…I will try my best, but if you are a joke thief nothing I say to you will matter, so keep stealing jokes and being a complete foreskin.

Comedians rely on their material to differentiate themselves from other comics.  If one guy is telling a joke on spoons and the other on forks, you may not remember their names, but you can remember them by the material.  When someone steals a joke, that is no longer the case.  That comic’s identity as a performer is gone, and now he is no better different from the hundreds of other comedians out there scratching away at making a living.  When a joke is stolen, the work that another comic put into crafting that material is also taken.  The thief didn’t have to sit through countless open mics and wring out as much laughter as possible with that material.   Their synapses didn’t fire like this comic’s when his mind captured that idea that later became that joke. They just heard the finish product and ran off with it.  Like stealing a wheel of cheese after someone milked the goat and stored the damn thing until it was more than just stinking goat milk.  Like I said earlier, a bag of foreskins.

When someone steals a joke, that means that they do not value comedy.  They do not value the craft of perfecting words to make people feel.  They are lazy and they probably smell of old taco meat.  They are also probably not very funny on their own and needed everything they could get their hands on to be able to get a crowd of people to chuckle.  The worst kinds of joke thieves though are the ones that can’t even tell the joke right.  Do you know how pathetic you have to be to steal a joke and then fuck it up?  What kind of neanderthal swipes someone’s material and then fumbles it up with their big foreskin sucking lips?  Someone who is probably not going to make it in this business as a comic…unless they do…damn famous prick skins.


2 thoughts on “Why Joke Stealing Is Wrong

  1. We had a comic here in Shanghai who kept stealing bits from famous comedians and he still couldn’t sell the joke. How discouraging to know you’re the type of person who would steal a joke but still can’t get laughs from a seemingly idiot-proof bit.

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