They Won’t Get You

Following you passions can be a lonely road.  It doesn’t matter what it is you do, if it isn’t get a “normal” job, then there will always be doubters ready to tell you that you are wasting your time.  What is even harder is that there are more people out there that haven’t done it then there are people that have.  It doesn’t matter if you are a comedian, actor, writer, MMA fighter, or lion tamer, you have to understand one key thing:  They won’t get you.

Your friends and family will never understand the lengths you will go to pursue your passion.  They don’t understand why you will drive for hours for a minimum sum of money.  Why you write.  Why you perform. They can’t understand that in order to do what you love, you have to devote a lot of time to it for little return, with hopes that one day it will all be worth it.  They don’t understand that your worst fear is doing what they are doing, working a 9 to 5 for someone else, just to keep paying rent and having health insurance.  They don’t understand why someone would pursue something so feverishly.  Like I said, they won’t get you.

While I have been pursuing stand-up as a profession, I have had two girlfriends, and countless friends ask me why I am doing it.  Why don’t you use that degree?  Why don’t you work here?  Why don’t you work there? What someone that isn’t like me (or you) will never understand is how soul crushing your everyday job can be. My mind is not suited for sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, only to shower and do it again the next day.  I have tried it, especially when there were bills pilling up, but once I got the bills taken care of, I went back to my passions.  Some military friends, before one show, told me how silly it was to do this after getting my degree and everything else I did in my life.  I just walked away knowing that they didn’t get me.

All people have a passion, it’s just that most of them decide to play it safe, only to regret it when they are on their deathbeds.  For those of you that took that chance to follow your dreams, just know that there are others just like you.  Others that decided to take the chance at true and pure happiness. The kind of happiness that comes from baring all and creating something that others can take part in and enjoy.  Even if everyone else doesn’t, we get you.


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