2015 By The Numbers

Last year, I started doing more articles on the blog and it showed in a big way.  There were over 4 thousand visitors to the site.  Lets look at some of the most viewed articles on 2015. What I noticed was that a lot of them were shared on reddit.  The weird thing is, I only shared one and asked a friend to share one, so someone put these up there and for that I thank them!

Starting Out: The Feature Set: 170 views: This was a part of a series of post about what you should be trying to do to feature.

Gift Ideas For The Comedian In Your Life: 313 views:  This came to me a little late in the year, but I thought it was still worth typing up.  My family is always asking me what I want for Christmas, and they hate when I say, “Best Buy gift card!”.

Starting Out: The First Five Minutes: 411 views:  This was the first part of the series.  It seems to have trailed off from this one to the next.  Maybe I didn’t connect them well enough.  That is something I will work on in the future.

Starting Out: The Tight 15: 679 views:  The second part of the series.  It seems like with a lot of trilogies the second one is the favorite and the last on is the one everyone thinks shouldn’t have been done.

Myths Comedians Believe: 1,125 views: This was the most viewed article of 2015.  I love myths and uncovering why we believe what we do.  Every culture and subculture has their own believes and I wanted to share some that comedians are always talking about.  It seemed to catch on and I was so surprised by how many people checked it out.  It got me a writing spot on a comedy website!

There you have it.  Those are the top articles of 2015, and going into 2016, you guys will find something worth reading here still.  Thanks.


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