Goals For The New Year

Like most comedians at this level, my goals are simple.  I want more work!  The problem is that this time of year, a lot of people will make goals, but not have any way of knowing how to get to those goals.  It’s like wanting to lose weight, but not thinking about how to do that.  When I set goals for myself, I try to think of the steps necessary to get there.  All of my goals are not comedy related, but they do help me do more of what I love.

More sketches: The comedy scene as a whole started doing more sketches thanks to Steven Tye and Tom Meisfjord.  What that did, was give comics another outlet to let their comedy thrive.  I believe that doing more than just stand-up can help your stand-up.  You will be able to act out more of your material because you have been working on sketch stuff more.  My problem is that I tend to wait until someone else gets the sketch together.  Going forward, I plan on writing and filming my own sketches.  Hell, I have all the stuff. All I have to do is work on getting people, or, I can just do sketches with my child because she is mine and she can’t drive anywhere.

Leave Spokane more: I did this a lot this past year.  I went to New York in March and LA in September. Leaving the place you do comedy the most, helps you get a sense of what is going on in other comedy scenes.  Going to Portland and watching what happens and seeing what happens in NYC gives you a more full view of what comedians are doing to entertain people in their areas.  It also helps you cull a lot of stuff out of your material and I think that makes you a better comic.  It’s kinda like traveling the world.  You get a sense of the whole.

Write more:  These past couple of years, I have been getting lazier and lazier with my writing.  Most of the time I don’t even write anything I walk up on stage with something and go from there.  It gives me a rush to just wing it, but when I get off stage I feel as though I didn’t get the most out of everything I said up there.  I will try to look my material over more and find places where I can add extra lines, and what that should do is get more funny out of each joke.

More acting auditions:  I like acting, but where I live it is not easy to get those parts, unless they want a thug or body guard.  I think I will actively go out and look for more acting, and I think that will help me complete another goal of getting out of Spokane more.  I am registered to a couple of acting sites that send out request for people, but what I plan to do is actively look for things I can do and go out and try to get it.

Contact more bookers:  Instead of saying: Get more shows, I want to actually get in with more bookers and people getting shows off the ground.  Just saying get more shows doesn’t say anything about the work involve.  What this goal will entail is actually talking to my comedy friends and seeing who I can get in contact with as far as work is concern.  This also might mean taking shows that are not the best financially so I can show the booker that I am up to the task.  This also means getting more involved with emailing bookers and getting my package out there for eyes.  It sounds easy, but just getting the email to some of these guys is hard.

Record another CD:  What I did a couple of weeks ago, I want to do again, but with my more edgier material.  That means a little more written material, but I do have a lot of blue material that I don’t do as often. I want to take all that material that I don’t do all the time, and get it on a CD.

Get my current CDs onto satellite radio:  I have two CDs now and I am on streaming services, but what I want to do is get them played on satellite radio.  They have many different comedy channels on there, and I think I can get one, or even both of them played on there.  All that means is sending them out and hoping that they will get picked up.  I know some contacts, but I would like to do it without bothering my friends.

More festivals: I got into Laughfest in Boise Idaho at the start of the year.  I don’t want that to be all I do.  I am going to enter as many as possible.  That gets my name out there more, which is hard to do when you are in Spokane.  I have noticed that I get a lot of independent work by just doing my damn thing and talking to people along the way.  The best way to do that is to go to where the comics are.

I hope you have goals set for yourself for the future.  The key is to set your expectations accordingly. don’t set a goal of getting on last comic standing.  Maybe set a goal of getting an agent first and then working on last comic standing.  See ya next year!




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