How To Stay Positive In A Negative Environment

Look, comedians are a cynical bunch.  We watch the world and point out it’s flaws. So, if you are trying to become a comedian, it is common to have to hang out with a lot of these cynical comedians, and it is easy to fall into a hole of negativity.  Comedy can be very depressing.  You get up and have to work out these jokes that may not hit like you think they will. You can feel pressure from your family that think pursuing comedy is not a good way to spend your life.  Not to mention the fact that almost every comic wants to be on TV and they will look at who they see on TV and compare themselves to them.  I think we should talk about ways to stay positive.

I have visited small comedy scenes and large comedy scenes and for the most part there is the same level of negativity.  Now the negativity can come from many different angles.  From badmouthing to actual sabotage.  Here is an example:  There is a twitter feed that is operated by a guy in Seattle that does nothing but badmouth a couple of comedians.  This does nothing to help their career and it makes the scene look petty.

The easiest way to stay positive in these kind of negative environments is to just ensure you are surrounding yourself with positive people.  I try to hang out with people that have the same goals as me. It would not help me to be around people that don’t get off their ass to get what they want.  I want to be around people that are always working to write a better joke and they want to work their way to a point where they can do this for a living.  I also try to stay away from too much of the badmouthing and gossip. It is hard because sometimes you want to know who is banging who, or who stole a Carlos Mencia joke.  The thing is that that type of behavior invites you to add to it.

It is hard to stay positive, I will admit.  Sometimes I look at my calendar and I don’t see a show for long stretches of time and I get frustrated.  Sometimes I don’t feel as though I have done enough to get to where I want to be at this point in my career.  The thing is that I would rather internalize that instead of spreading it out so everyone else is as miserable as I am.  What I try to do is honestly evaluate myself to see if it is me that is causing the problems.  The thing is that if you have positive people around you they will help you see that easier.  Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!


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