Gift Ideas For The Comedian In Your Life

If you have to get a gift for a comedian it could be a daunting task.  You may not want to get them something that will just be inspiration for a joke down the road.  Well, I ( with a lot of help from the Spokane comedy community check us out here ) compiled a list of gift ideas for the comic in your life.  No matter what stage they are at in their career, I believe they will thank you for these gifts.


The Moleskine: Comics love carrying around notebooks with all their premises and jokes.  If you get them some of these nice quality notebooks, they will thank you.  Oh, I have added links to where you can get these.  Don’t worry, I am not getting paid for it if you click.


An audio recorder: The picture above is of the Zoom H1 which is around 99 bucks.  There are cheaper ones out there, but this one has such great audio quality for the price.  An audio recorder for a comedian is a great choice because you can replay your set and hear an accurate record of the show.  Did that joke really bomb, or was it because someone yelled something right before you said the punchline? Now they will know.


A smartphone mic: The picture above is of the Rode VideoMic Me.  You don’t have to get this one (which retails for about 60 bucks), but it is a great choice for the minimalist comedian in your life.  They can slap this on their smartphone, start up an audio recording app, and you have a recording.  They can also use them for video recordings where their smartphone is the best camera they have, and now they can have great sound as well.


A tripod: You can use a nice table top tripod to get your recorder or camera off the table (or out of your friends shaky ass hands) so you don’t have to hear, or see, every time someone shakes the table.  The one in the picture is a gorilla pod, and I like these because you can wrap the legs around almost anything and still get a good recording.


An iTunes giftcard: Make sure you find out what kind of phone or service they are dealing with.  If they have an android phone get them a google play giftcard, and if they have a windows phone, get them professional help.  They can use these for a ton of things.  When I am in a hotel room trying not to blow money, I will rent a movie from iTunes and chill out.


A batterypack: If they are traveling all over the place, then this is a great gift.  I selected the Anker brand because it is the brand I use.  With this bad boy they don’t have to be chained to an outlet.

There were other gift ideas that I think a comedian would enjoy, like a subscription to Adobe CC, but that can be pretty pricey.  It is really useful though, if they are the type that does their own promotions.  Another great subscription idea is Evernote Premium.  Evernote is a note taking program, that works on anything.  Their is a free option, but with premium, you can download the notes that you took, and have them updated on everything you use to write jokes with.

Well, I hope this will give you some great ideas for the comedian in your life.  There is one gift you can give them that doesn’t cost anything and is always welcomed.  Support.  It is tough enough to go out there and pursue your dreams, it is even harder when they people closest to you don’t give a damn about what it is you are passionate about.  Just go to a show every once in awhile. Share their show details on social media. These tiny things means a lot to the struggling comics out there.  Thanks for reading!




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