Never Trust A Badger With A Switchblade

It is the holiday season, and so it is the season in which you will see on the news people doing really cool things…and then doing really disgusting things, like stealing a tablet from handicapped person.

My last show of November was really great.  Got to work with a booker that I haven’t worked with in awhile, and got to perform in a place I haven’t before, with a comic that I have never worked with before.  A lot of great experiences and it was a casino gig and I didn’t lose an arm and a leg.

I have three shows this month, and they are all pretty good.  I am excited about getting another comedy album out there.  I am not at the level where it is anticipated, but I feel as though I should try to sell a new CD that is more modern to my way of doing comedy.  When I made the first CD in 2012, that material was from an earlier time in my career when I was writing less about myself and more “tall tales”.  I have no problem with it, but if you came to one of my shows now and you wanted a CD you will get a different experience. Don’t worry, I got plenty of the old CDs to sell if you want to carpet your garage or something.

The podcast has been doing really well.  I am getting the amount of listeners that I expected, and I am having a good time.  I have to invest in audio gear, like a voice isolator, so it doesn’t sound so hollow.  I also have to work on my speaking.  I feel like I stumble a lot more.

Photography has been slow which is normal for this time of year.  I am really excited about getting out during the spring time to knock out some projects that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  I have been wanting to film this short film idea that I have been knocking around in my head for awhile.  The problem is that if people don’t have an incentive, then they will not really take it seriously.  That is why I want to pay people to come and do my damn film.  That way, they have no objections.  You took the money, you agreed to the time, you get to the set!


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