Confidence Is Important

Sorry I haven’t posted an article in a week, I totally forgot last Wednesday and this pas Monday I was on the road for a gig.  I usually have articles queued up but I didn’t for this past week.

If you read the titled you know that this article will be about confidence.  It is important to your success as a comic.  Hell, I would go so far as to say that it may be as important as material.  The reason I say that is if you have great material, but are not confident enough to perform it, then it is almost like it doesn’t exist.  Confidence is instrumental to more than just performing stand-up, however.

No matter what you are doing in comedy, you have to be able to let people know that you are capable of getting the job done.  All comics will have a crisis of confidence, but the reason a lot of comics make it to the next level is because they knew they were funny.  For example.  I am sure every professional stand-up has had someone asked them how much to perform.  Confidence is the difference between making a living and just having weed money.

If I had to tell someone how to gain confidence in their stand-up, the things I have said in many articles on here still apply.  Get stage time.  Nothing will make you feel better about what you are doing than performing and seeing the results of your jokes first hand, over and over again.  Next, and again, you may have seen this in previous articles, but it needs to be said again, hang around like minded people.  If you hang around the negative, you will start looking at the word as such.  Hang around people that will help you and make you feel more confident in yourself and your material.  Now, I’m not saying hangout with a bunch of kiss asses that won’t tell you that your abortion joke sucks, realistic, positive people.

I also think another important think to help you become more confident in your stand-up is getting your crap together.  Get a better headshot,  get a writer to do your bio, get the best promo video you can possible get, and you will be more confident when you send that stuff to bookers and festival organizers.

It is important to remember that this is a business, and the weak shall not triumph.  You have to be willing to look people in the eye and tell them that you are good and that you are worth whatever it is you are asking for. See you next week at the proper time!



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