Turning The Holidays Into Paydays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…especially if you are a comic looking for ways to get more work! The holidays are a great time to book private shows and corporate shows.  Lets go over some of the things you need to make a little extra cash during this time.

First, if you are reading this now, on the day it was posted, it may be too late.  That’s because most holiday parties and corporate events have already been put together.  It is best to get your feelers out around October, September if you live in a large area.  Most of my stuff comes to me directly so if you have been performing for awhile now, you may not have to do too much heavy lifting.  You know the old saying:  The early bird gets the worm.  Well, it applies here as well so next year get on it!

Do some scouting.  You have friends..Well, I am assuming, maybe you’re an asshole and no one likes you, but for the people with friends with normal jobs, just ask them if they want to have a comedian at their party.  Most companies will be having a Christmas party, so just get out there and see if they want you to tell some yuk yuks.

Now, just because you know people that want to have you tell jokes while they exchange shitty gifts doesn’t mean you are set.  You have to set a price.  A realistic price.  Just because it is a company doesn’t mean they have unlimited resources.  Especially for a comedian that will only give them an hour of entertainment when a cheaper karaoke machine can give them several.  Do your homework.  If you are dealing with Bob’s land of bolts, then you should not be trying to charge them like they are Amazon.  Some businesses may have a set amount saved up, so it is best to ask what they can do.  That way you don’t price yourself out of a gig.  They will probably undercut you, so make sure you have a price in your head.  If you have to drive across the state, don’t take an amount that puts you in the hole by the time you get back.

When doing these types of shows, you have to have your clean show hat on.  You may run into the rare business that will let your talk about sharting, but most of these parties want to tow the line between fun and not worthy of a lawsuit.  Make sure you can give a great show without getting too weird. If you just sit there and curse at them for 45 minutes, don’t expect to get that gig next year.  So, if you have only 45 minutes of shart jokes (you damn genius you) then wait until you get some material that can target an audience of this nature better.

I think you have enough information to get a nice amount of gigs this next holiday season.  The same basics of comedy applies.  Make em laugh.  Give em a good show.  And have a great time!


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