Changes Are Coming

So I found out yesterday that a new comedy club is coming to Spokane.  It we be run by the guys that run the Tacoma Comedy Club.  I have done time at the TCC and it was great!  They bring out big acts and they try to get things rolling all the time there.  I think this is a great thing for Spokane, but a bad thing for people that have bee putting together terrible shows in the area.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the news, was what would happen to the other club that resides in Spokane.  It has no brand awareness, and it shuts down during the summer.  How can it compete with a club that can bring in big names during the summer time?  The thing that I and other comedians have been saying for years though, is that Spokane can take two clubs.  I feel Uncle D’s has a certain demographic that goes there and the new club will not really take many of those fans.  It will also depend on the location.  If it is in deep downtown Spokane, then it will attract those that tend to go down there.  So if you hate the parking and roving bands of stabby teenagers of downtown then you will not go down there.  If it is closer to division st. then it can spell trouble for the other club.  I hope both can survive in the town because that means more chances for comedians to work out and get paid work.

This is the time of year where I start getting booked to a lot of private shows.  I don’t like those shows as much as a properly produced show because I am usually not on a stage and it isn’t a normal show.  What I mean by that is there is usually no host.  It is usually just me trying to entertain people who thought a comedian at a wake was a great idea.  I do like getting 2-3 times more pay then a normally produced show so…I think it’s about even actually.


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