I Built An Ark Out Of Toothpicks

This week has been a somber one.  A friend committed suicide, and it just brought up all these emotions. Here is the thing though: I respect her decision.  I always find it odd that people call persons who commit suicide selfish.  How is it selfish?  I think it is the other way around.  I feel it is selfish to want someone to keep existing because it makes you feel better.  If you don’t want to deal with someone dying then listen to them when they talk.  What I mean by that is, by just listening to people while they talk you can gather a lot of information.  People don’t do that though.  They just wait for their time to talk again.  I’m not blaming anyone, I just accept that if a person is in so much pain that they think about not existing anymore then it must be a terrible pain.  Or, maybe it is because I have felt like that in the past and so it makes more sense to me then it does most people.

I finally got the podcast started!  It wasn’t that long, but it got out there.  I am still trying to work on the finer points of the podcast.  I want to make sure it is a great podcast, so that means probably adding a couple more segments.  I am still trying to stay away from a co-host.  It isn’t as dynamic when it is just one person talking, but what it means is I can do it without worrying about another person that may not want to do it as much as me.

The photography side of things have been ramping up, but I think a lot of the quotes I give, causes people to pause and reconsider if they really want to pay that much for pictures.  I think the same thing happened to music.  Because everyone can just get music, they value it less.  Whenever you want a picture, you just jump online and save one.  The thing is, someone had to take that picture.  The reason why you find someone that knows what they are doing is the same reason a lot of people find a plumber instead of doing it themselves.  You want someone that took the time to learn what they are doing.  Since starting this photography thing, I have come to realize that, and I feel bad for photographers because people think that their camera phones is good enough…until they try to blow it up or have it printed up.

Oh, and all pictures that appear on this podcast are license free.  Just go to Bing or Goggle and look for an image and there is a tab above the photos where you can select the license of the image.  I pick public domain, or free to share and use options.


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