Serial Killing Unicorns

If I could draw, I would make it my life’s work to illustrate nothing but unicorns doing horrible things to other mythological creatures.  Like a unicorn ripping the head off of Pan.  It may not make me a living, but sometimes you have to do what you love.

Loved my weekend in the Tri-cities doing comedy there.  They have a lot of ways to promote their club and I found it very interesting.  The room is always cool and I want to go back sooner rather than later.  I also realized that I LOVE clubs where I can just perform there for the weekend.  One nighters are always so grueling, and in the northwest, the rooms are never close enough to make sense.  You always have to drive like 6 hours to the next show, so by the time you get out of the car and washed the funk off of you, you are back on stage.  Feels good to relax!

I am FINALLY starting my podcast this Friday!  I have the artwork, and I have the means to get it on iTunes.  I just have to get in this room and knock it out.  I am excited, as excited as I was when I thought of doing it earlier this year.




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