Comedian Pet Peeves II: Probably Not As Good As The First

If you want to read the first here it is.  Remember, a lot of us have fell under a category on these list before.  The thing is, we try to become better comedians by moving beyond stuff like this.  Alright, let’s just get into this sum bitch.

The comic that needs to get drunk to perform:   These are the people that use booze as a crutch for human interaction. These guys are annoying because you never know what you may get from them show to show. Yeah, they may give you a great show, but more often then not, it will go off the rails because they rarely know the amount of drink it takes to get them show ready as opposed to douchebaggy.

The “edgy” comedian:  If you are a comedian, you will eventually run into one of these guys.  The guy that listened to way to much Bill Hicks and George Carlin and thinks that his duty in life is to say edgy or borderline disgusting things to push a message.  The thing they fail to realize is that both Bill and George were FUNNY first.  No one wants to hear you say the “N” word or call someone in the front row the “C” word because you half assed a message, and forgot the first rule of comedy: be funny.

The comic that blames the audience:  Sometimes, you will not do as well, that comes with being a comic.  The thing I have noticed about really good comics and the not so good comics, is that the not so good comics love to blame the audience for not getting their jokes.  Some times the audience might not be up to speed on certain things, but it is our job as comedians to make sure we deliver something they can get and appreciate and laugh at.  Why isn’t it the other way around?  If these same comedians blame the audience for a bad show, then shouldn’t they also say the audience is responsible for their awesome show? You know why that doesn’t happen?  Because these are the types of people that want the glory for themselves and the negative parts can be spread about amongst the crowd.

The “credit whore” comedian:  Credits help you get to the next level.  That is why people line up all day to get on ‘Last Comic Standing’.  With that little credit, when you send your promo to that booker, it looks great enough to probably get booked.  There is nothing wrong with trying to advance your career.  Hell, I spent two weeks in California recently to do just that.  The problem is when comics use credits as a way of identifying themselves and others.  They will introduce themselves to people based on their credits and they treat people differently depending on the credits they have.  Why treat a comic like crap because they haven’t been in the San Francisco competition?  Credits are a way to show bookers and promoters all that you have done.  It shouldn’t be a way to discriminate.



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