Don’t Count Your Velociraptors Before They Hatch

The blog has been picking up traction thanks to reddit, but it does not equal happiness for me.  When I restarted this blog about a year ago, I did know what I wanted to write about.  I then realized that I have done shows at my level (the low mid is what I like to call it) for a decade, and so I just started writing about the things I noticed that worked and didn’t work.  I like to write, but most of my writing throughout my life was made for me.  I rarely let anyone see what I have penned, at least until recently with this blog.  What that means is that it is a lot of stream of consciousness stuff pouring out.  That means a lot of missing commas and spelling errors.  I apologize for that. That is a terrible habit to have if you are going to write.  When I was in college and took my creative writing classes, I had to reread my stuff two, three, four times before I had it down.  I don’t do that with the blog so much because I didn’t want to reword something because I had a change of heart about how I said it.  I wanted it to be as pure as when the thought popped into my head.  I will try better to edit this stuff so you guys at least think that the college degree on my wall was earned.

Comedy is ramping up and that means I have to make some changes.  During the summer I will hit a lot of open mics to keep the “rust” off.  Now that comedy is starting back up again, I think I will scale that down a bit.  I am not going to hit open mics on Fridays and Saturdays.  I think that those are two days of the week that comedy, and comics, should be making some cash, especially in Spokane.  That means that I will stop going to Chan’s here in town because there is paid comedy in town on those Friday nights.  I was split between stage time, and trying to ensure the value of comedy in the area, and I have chosen the value route.

I am a week away from going to California, and I am not going to lie:  I am pretty nervous.  I still can not believe that I was chosen to be in the San Francisco Comedy Competition.  When I was first starting out, I remember the prestige that the competition held.  A great friend of mine, Jay Wendell Walker, won it in 2006 and it was the same excitement and buzz in the air that I felt when the Seahawks won the super bowl.  I would love to win, who wouldn’t, to have your name up there with some of the greatest comics walking the earth.  I am trying to be realistic though.  There are a lot of great comics from all over the world that want the same thing, and if there is one thing about the world I have learned is that just because you want, and deserve something, doesn’t mean you will always get it.


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