A Wallet Full Of Monopoly Money

I went to almost every open mic last week to work on my act for the San Francisco Comedy Competition.  I didn’t do that this week.  Why?  Because half of the mics had no one there.  I mean there were comedians, but comedians are a jaded bunch.  You don’t really know what works for an audience if all you are performing for are other comedians. So, two of the nights had people, and I was able to get a good grasp on what I should be doing when I get to California.

Speaking of California, I am excited to be going there for the first time ever.  Growing up I loved California. It had palm trees and women just walked around all day in bikinis.  It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that that was the south of California and not just paradise for teenagers that wanted a lot to fap to later.  I am excited to go to San Francisco for the sights and history and the camera stores.  Man, I love camera stores.  Just walking around and seeing what others can afford makes my penis hard.

So, I entered (Or I should say paid to enter) two comedy festivals.  I have already heard back from one.  The most expensive of the two. I didn’t get into the big sky comedy festival, but that still leaves the one in Boise Idaho, and that one seems more appealing because there is a chance to actually get club dates out of that.  I am thinking about hitting up more of these things in the future.  When you live in Spokane you have to be willing to go out and shake some babies and kiss some hands so you can get some work.


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