Pickled Anus

I decided to go out this week to all the open mics in town and practice the set I want to do in San Francisco. Both mics had a total of about 6 people.  I didn’t get a good gauge on if what I was saying was good or not. I mean it was good to record the sets and then listen to myself and see if I was telling the joke the way I wanted, but the best way to see if a joke, or set of jokes will work is to hear that laughter and it is hard as fuck to make a bunch of jaded comedians laugh.  I’m not going to say it wasn’t worth my time because if I wasn’t there I would just be leveling up my druid on World of Warcraft.

I have decided to try a different approach to these competitions.  When I participated in the Seattle Competition, I was doing a different set every night.  I also got a really inconsistent finish almost every night. I saw a lot of comics just sticking to there sets night after night and the ones that had good material and stuck to the same set consistently did well.  That is what I am going to do in San Francisco.  The thing is I do headline set most of the time and it is hard to ensure that you are not going over your time.  In recent history, every comedy competition (that was not the Seattle international comedy competition) that I have lost, I lost because I went over time.  I am trying to avoid that and deliver the best material while at the same time not getting deductions because of going over.

So I have the artwork and sound bits ready for the podcast.  I have gotten closer and closer to getting this started.  I am excited.  The format is still the same, talking about the top stuff of the week.  So, I will go over like what was the number one movie and number one album and song in the country.  I think that it will be a nice little podcast that people will want to check out.  At least I hope.  My daughter did some intros and outros and I realized that she has a great voice.  I also sung a song about cats going to hell…it’s not as evil as it sounds.

I am very excited about going to San Francisco.  I was reading that there have been a rash of camera gear thefts in the city and that kinda scares me.  I don’t know what I will do.  I have been thinking of carrying a knife or something while I am down there so that I can defend myself, but one story I read said they were pepper spraying people.  A weapon is almost useless if you can’t see what you are aiming at.  I guess I will do more research and prepare myself.

As always thanks for reading and I hope to see you Friday for photo of the week.




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