This Post Has Not Been Rated

So I have started doing something that I was firmly against for a long time.  I have paid for the privilege of doing comedy festivals.  I have had a change of heart mainly because I am usually not doing anything else during those times so it makes sense to network with other comics and potentially get seen by someone important.  I still believe that some of these festivals are nothing more than money grabbing operations that use comedian’s dreams of hitting it big to fund the whole thing.  It’s like those things that take place in a hotel conference room on the weekend where some guy that made all his money selling people books on how to get rich, tells you that all you need to make money is to believe…and his book.  The thing is I travel to Portland and Seattle trying to network, but I still have to pay for things like hotel and food.  It would be great if someone else did that for me for a change…that’s if I get invited of course.

I have been trying to get my podcast off the ground since around April.  I love podcast, and I would like to add my two cents to the podcast discussion.  I have a format.  I have the site and everything ready…I just don’t know when it would be a great time to launch something like that.  That is my biggest problem.  It takes me a while to just get off my ass and get something done.  I will do a podcast, I just hope it is within this decade.

I got my photos submitted to the fair for their photography competition.  I am not so naive as to think I am this super great photographer, especially after picking it up only a year ago.  I do think a couple of the pictures I chose are really good.  Let’s hope I get a ribbon…damn I really want a ribbon.

So, the comedians in town have started gathering every week to shoot sketches and they have been really good so far.  Stuff like that makes me happy and at the same time furious!  Happy that so much talent is within arm’s reach, and furious that I can not eat their souls to gain their power.


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