Where I Went Right (I Think)

Monday I wrote about where I believe I went wrong.  I also strongly believe that I did some things right, at least for me and my situation.  I say I think because everyone’s comedy career will take a different turn.  Just because you start with a someone doesn’t mean you will be in the same situation later on down the road.

I stayed in Spokane long enough:  I know I said this is where I went wrong, but I also believe that staying here helped me tremendously.  When I started in Spokane, there were only about 5-6 comedians that would come out to open mics.  That meant no one batted an eye if you got up and did more than 10 minutes.  So, I would get on base every morning (I was still in the Air Force then) and every chance I got I would write. Some of it made zero sense, but it allowed me to work on all of that stuff and get a solid 20 minutes much sooner than someone working in a large city.  It also allowed me to feature and headline much sooner than if I was in Seattle or something.  It really helped my career.

Work Ethic: I feel like those years working in the cotton fields and having no money, and my time in the military shaped me and prepared me for being a comedian.  Where others would see a money lose I would see an opportunity.  It also gave me a reputation of being reliable.  I would be a last minute fill in for a drop out and the next thing you know I am in a bookers roster because I show up and do my thing.  My work ethic has slid recently and I think it is because I get down on myself a little too much.

I write…a lot: I have loved to write ever since I was a wee lad.  When I was in the 4th grade I used to sell this script called ‘Dirty Diapers’ about a baby that could talk…and curse.  Comedy is just writing and then performing what you wrote.  I will write down any premise and then take it to the stage and let comedy naturally lead me to either something funny or a bomb, either way I always have something new to work on that will evolve my act.

I try to be as honest with myself as much as possible: I try to look at myself and not exaggerate myself.  I try my best not to over extend myself.  If I thought I couldn’t perform a show to the my strengths (like say a PG show) then I just didn’t do it.  If I thought I wasn’t ready for a televised competition then I would not try to do that.  I always try to look at myself in an honest light and try to spot where I could use improvement.  I think this helps keep you grounded and it ensures when you are ready for something you are more than ready.

And the picture of the red panda makes no sense, but I love em so…there you go.


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