Racist Squirrels

You can always tell them apart from normal squirrels.  They stay in the garbage.  They only watch squirrel fox news, and they drive trucks with nuts hanging off the back.

Nothing much happening this week.  Got a photo shoot to do and that is about it.  I have my daughter helping me and I had to tell her several times that she has to take this seriously.  When someone is paying you for a service you have to take into account the fact that they could have gone anywhere else and they decided to stick with you.  Treat people who give you money right.

Trying to pad out my calendar is hard.  There are shows out there, but sometimes the money just isn’t right. Sure, I could go to Kansas and open for a magician, but for a couple hundred dollars it makes little sense.  I will do a show for a booker or a promoter if it means I can get in with them down the road, but sometimes it just ain’t worth it.

Still sifting through the photos I have taken trying to see which ones I will put into the photography competition at the fair.  I am excited, but I am keeping my hopes low.  I haven’t been doing this for years like some people.  I have only about a year of photography under my belt and I don’t want to seem like I will just walk in there and leave with a ribbon.  Not gonna lie though.  It would be nice.


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