Donald Trump Is A Cartoon Supervillian

Can anyone seriously look at Donald Trump and say to themselves, “I can see him as president.”? That dude is a mountain hideout away from being a supervillian.  Every time this guy announces he will run for president he ends up doing a bunch of crazy shit and makes more money, yet we bitch and complain about Kim Kardashian making money from doing nothing.

Summer is winding done and that means the competitions and festivals are ramping up.  I applied to enter the San Francisco Comedy Competition, and I may try to get into the Big Sky Comedy Festival. These can be sure fire ways to get more eyes on you.  That is if you can get in.  I was opposed to paying to get into a competition.  I felt that if you are paying to enter a competition then the people putting it on have no incentive to get the best of the best.  They can just look to put on the best show, like a network comedy competition.  They will gather two black people, even better if it is a black woman, and then pad the rest just so it looks interesting.  I don’t like that.  If 19 funny ass white people entered and you have 19 spots then they should get those spots.  I don’t want to be thrown on a show just so it doesn’t look whitewashed.  Now, I feel like 30 bucks is worth it to possibly get more work.  It is way cheaper than driving all over the country and it is more time effective than sending hundreds of emails and getting nothing.

I am going to be entering a couple of my photos into the county fair.  I don’t know why I am so excited, but I am.  I don’t even know what kind of photo I will enter into the competition.  I was thinking I should pull at the patriot in everyone and do something with a flag, but man…that is too on the nose.  I will just look through what I have and try to make a decision.  I want to win something.  I think, just like with comedy, that it will validate what I am doing.  At least to me.


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