Myths Comedians Believe

Comedians are a peculiar bunch.  We fall into these traps of thought and we let it mess with our thinking. I am here to try and dispel these myths.

The “bad crowd” myth: There is no such thing as a bad crowd.  Any crowd can be entertained.  You just have to find what it is that this collective of people will find funny.  Comedians use this to try to explain why they didn’t have a great show.  The real reason you didn’t have a great show is because you didn’t do well.

Going up first: This is always a problem with open mics or comedy competitions.  Comics never want to go up first because that usually means they have to confront a crowd that hasn’t been warmed up.  This is silly thinking.  If you go up and do your performance and stop worrying about the audience you will do well.

The Big Break: There is no such thing as the big break that will get you out of your mom’s basement and in the bright lights of the city.  You will get a bunch of chances in your career to move up or do bigger things.  Just make sure you are prepared when the time comes.

Waiting for your breaks:  This is when a comic does the bare minimum to be a comic and thinks that a booker or promoter will just show up to a random bar and book them.  This doesn’t happen.  You have to make yourself seen.  Trust me.  If people were just getting booked based on funny there would be a lot of comics I know living in golden castles.

Putting up a poster and thinking that you just promoted: A facebook invite is not going to do it for promoting your show.  You don’t have to go on the corner and flip signs, but you will have to try your best to let more than just your circle of people know about your show.  Put it in the papers or local magazines.  There are a ton of free options you can use to promote your show.



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