I Learned Karate From A Hobo

He only taught me like parries and a headlock.  He put me in a headlock and I passed out.  When I woke up my shoes were missing and he tied a chicken bone to my arm.

Comedy in Spokane, like a lot of mid to low level cities, is in decline during the summer months.  This is when it is a great thing to be able to still get work out of town.  I like it because you get to see these places without snow all over them and you can go visit the sites that the place is known for.

I have been writing a series of erotic short stories that I will be releasing on Amazon later this month.  I think I will release one every couple of weeks.  Now I am not saying any of these things will be great.  I am one of those people with a ton of ideas that I do nothing with.  I am just trying to make sure I at least do some of the things I have set out to do.

We sent off a bar this past Monday.  Underground 15 was the host of a debate style comedy show that had garnered a following at it’s previous location, but didn’t seem to translate to the new spot.  Then they did a battle of the sexes style show and the amount of people that came out was incredible.  This is what happens when every comic in the city backs something.  What I have noticed is that if people don’t have any incentive to the show they will not really tell anyone about it.  Hell, even if they do have a dog in the fight they won’t let people know about it.  It is an uphill battle that I believe is caused by people just not giving a shit about anything that doesn’t involve them.  What are you gonna tell someone, “Hey, that show that you didn’t get on?  Yeah, tell your family and friends about it.”  The way I see it, if we get people out to shows then that just translates into more shows which means more work for everyone.  It also makes Spokane look less like a wasteland for entertainment.

I saw a bunch of comics come out and do their thing and it made me so happy to see people being funny and then having people see the funny.  All that does is make people want to see other things that the comics are putting on.  That is a great thing.

I keep trying to get my podcast off the ground, but then I take a nap.  That is a problem.  I need to do more podcasts and less naps.



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