Money Means Nothing If You Have To Eat A Bag Of Spiders

This has been a great Spring comedy wise.  Comedy in this area usually shuts down, but I have been fortunate enough to have two distinct qualities most other comedians in the area do not possess.  First, I can work really long clean.  Some may have 5-10 minutes, but I can go an hour without the curses and the sex stuff that I get booked to do private stuff.  Second, I am lucky.  I have been doing it long enough in the area that I am a safe bet to most people looking for comedy.  I hope the same holds true for the holiday season.

I was about to buy a car, but it didn’t happen.  The dealership (Camp Chevrolet in Spokane, WA) must have taught all their employees from the old ass school of selling cars.  First, they were typing things into a computer, but printing everything out on paper.  Why?  It is 2015!  I can see you typing it into the computer.  Just show me the damn screen.  Then they did stupid shit like lowball you on your trade when I can look up what it is worth (give or take 10%).  We had a wedding to go to, but they kept trying to keep us there by stalling.  That made me feel like a wooly mammoth getting pushed on the edge of a cliff.   We left and came back the next day at 10.  The guy tried to get me to sign for a deal that I told them the day before would not work.  I know he remembered me.  I was the only black guy in there that day…trust me. We walked out, but I wanted the car so I made a different offer.  They said they just needed to talk to the bank and would call me.  They call me and the guy is all, “Hurry up and come look at it, or this lady will get it.”  Really?  That’s how you do your deals Camp Chevrolet?  Ultimatums?  I said I wanted the car.  When I told you I would come down I came down not late, but actually early so don’t pull that school yard shit.  We get there and it is the same deal from the day before!  Not the one we shook hands on.  The one that I already told them I didn’t want to do.  So I was just pissed and left.  The car was nice, but not if they are going to pretend it is 1998 and I can’t find a better deal elsewhere.

Haven’t seen the kid in awhile.  About a week.  We still text.  Well, I text…she just reads em and continues enjoying her dad free life I guess.  She will text when she needs something though.  At least I know that is the relationship my child wants with me.  No pretense.  No tomfoolery.  Just right out in the open.  You have to admire that.

I am doing more than just taking pictures of people’s faces.  I will be doing some photography for some ad stuff and some fine art stuff in the future.  I never even though I would go down this road.  The view is nice so far.



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