Moonshine And Other Things That Shouldn’t Be Stored Near Furnances

Paint thinner.  Milk.  The Declaration of Independence…see, and you thought it was just a random title.

Had a show this past weekend and it was one of those shows that remind you that you are living in an area where people would rather be out near water than be inside a hot as bar.  The show didn’t start until almost 10 and by that time I gave no fucks.  If an orphan came by wanting just a smidgen of fuck I would have to tell that that I am all out of fucks, but I do have some spare damns.  A local comic, Steven Tye, started the show and although he said he was feeling pretty good off the wacky juice, he sure didn’t show it.  The whole time I was sitting there thinking how am I gonna make them think I am suppose to be the headliner.  It worked out though.  I did funny things and I received pay.  We left around 11, but all in all a great show.

So I started filming for the documentary on the Spokane comedy scene and…it was pretty bad.  No crowds and the stuff I got I would not want to put out there.  It was not any of the comics’ best work.  I wanted to show two things with this short doc.  That we have great comedians in the area and that we also get audiences that care.  The problem is the past couple of days have been the hottest of the year. No one wants to come inside when the entire day was 90 plus degrees.  I just picked a wrong time to start.  Maybe September will be a better month.

I like seeing my kid do stuff that I would have never tried at her age.  She was in a talent show today and it always makes me proud, but at the same time I can feel a little bit of Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson’s dad) coming over me.  I want her to be the best that she can be, but I don’t want to mess her head up.  I want her to discover this stuff on her own.  I wished my parents would have given half a shit about me doing stuff.  Maybe I would have finished my erotic poetry novella.

I have been sending out booking availabilities to as many clubs as I can.  That is all you can do.  One of the best things I have heard is “The worst they can say is no.”  That is true.  No one wants to fail, but that is what makes life worth living, right?  Please say I am right, or I have made a lot of bad decisions.


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