Dwarf Undies

Comedy is slowing down for me right now.  This is what usually happens during the summer up here for comedians at my level. This is when I usually try to get out and go to other places and get to know people.  I also make an attempt to make sure that the next summer does not end up like this.  What usually happens with those attempts is that I fail miserably because I am terrible at marketing myself. I am pretty good at coming up with nonsense titles for blog posts though.

I am going to be reshooting the documentary that I was planning on Spokane open mics.  I got better equipment and I learned some new stuff that I really want to show off.  That means planning better and also shooting way more stuff.  Last time I shot just what I needed.  I think this time I will get way more b footage and other interesting things. I want to show the world Spokane comedy, but I also want them to see Spokane as a city.

I have been getting more photography work that falls through at the last minute.  I can’t really be mad at people, but it does kinda of irk to set everything up and then the person never shows up.  I think that is why I may start doing a half now half later system.  That way they will be more willing to come in if they know that they have given me half of the money (that I have probably blown on slushes).

Went through Manito park in Spokane Sunday and saw so many people just like me.  Well, except for being white…I mean, they were taking pictures and it was freeing to know that I am not the only weirdo out there just taking pictures of random stuff all the time.  If you haven’t been to Manito park on the south hill of Spokane, WA then you haven’t seen freedom (that was really syrupy…sorry).

My kid liked the idea of us doing a short film during her vacation.  I have only one place that I wanted to shoot in my head and that was Manito.  I don’t know what else to do so I will have to sit down with her and iron out the details.  She likes doing stuff like this, but she never knows how to actually go about doing it.  That is why I am here.  I help her get off her ass and get stuff done.  I am a great at that.

I think this is the week that the podcast actually goes up.  I have been putting it off forever and I think it is time to actually get this shit DONE!  I bought all the stuff.   I have tested it.  I just need to put it all together now for the podcast.

Thanks for reading.  CHOA!



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