This Is 100.

This is the 100th post of this blog.  It has had it’s ups and downs, but recently it has been mainly ups.  I started this blog way back when as just a blog.  It had no purpose really.  Just me rambling about stuff that no one wanted to read.  It was a way for me to write without feeling like I had to finish something. If you look back before 2014, it was a random mess.  There would be some post here and some post there, but it was not consistent.  A good friend, Tory Kirby, told me I should write at least weekly, and so I made an effort to do just that.  I can’t believe I was able to do it every week for that long though.  I usually get bored of things and move on to other stuff.

The reason I made the blog more about comedy than my life is that my life and comedy intermingle. They are one and the same.  My life is in the pursuit of the next stage, the next joke, the next laugh, so it made sense to write about comedy.  I made it more of an aid for comics in my position mainly because that is what a lot of them were looking for.  That does put you in a weird position though.  I am not a Kevin Hart or a Chris Rock.  I am a guy that gets maybe 3-4 shows a month.  I am like a lot of guys on that cusp of getting regular work, but haven’t gotten there yet.  So I dispense wisdom from what I know and seen.  I have seen guys that have made it and I have seen guys that are not working in comedy anymore.  That is all I can do.  I never try to be something in these posts that I am not.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I started writing this on a consistent basis.  I am surprised with the readers of the blog.  I doubt anyone of any statue in comedy would read my scribbles, but I feel as though it is a nice thing to have for the guy that has time and ambition and wants to make a go of comedy as a profession.  Everyone looks at the big comic, but it is the middle level guys that make up the majority of the profession.  These are the guys that come to your town on a weekly basis to tell yuk yuks and sell merch.  If you want to get to that level then I can tell you my observations and what I have done.  I hope it helps people that may have questions to stuff, but have no one to turn to for answers.

I started to expand the blog recently to allow for a more traditional post where I talk about other things and I have even started throwing up pictures from the week.  This is all in an attempt to people and entertain them mainly when they are at work and want a couple of minutes of something else.

What is in store for the next 100 posts?  I will continue to take adventures to other comedy scenes and I will scope them out and bring them back here for you all.  I will take pictures of random things and I will have more pictures of pandas strewn about the place.

There are also things that I want to change about the blog as well.  I will do a better job of proof reading my writings.  I will also try to make it more light hearted.  I will also have more pictures of pandas.  This is certain.

I hope you have enjoyed the musings of a guy that has a dream like every other person on this planet. I hope that with the more experience I gain, the more wisdom I can jot down for your entertainment.


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