Tie Dyed Nipple Clamps

Ok, I will come clean before we go any further…I don’t even know what the titles means.  I didn’t know what to call this week’s post.  I’m sorry if you came here to see nipple clamps that have been tie dyed. You are on the internet and you are an adult…you are used to disappointment.

This spring has been the most lucrative of my career.  Lots of private shows and big pay out shows.  This only means one thing:  I won’t get another gig until 2016.  You have to be ready for the drought.  If you are trying to be a comedian and you blow every nickel that comes your way you will see very quickly that the 3-4 months where you aren’t getting substantial work will be even worse.

I think I am gonna crank up the podcast this Friday.  Because of the nature of my podcast, I can’t record episodes ahead of time.  I can’t predict what movie or book will be number 1.  So I am thinking of releasing the podcast on Saturdays, or Friday afternoons.  Whichever I can swing.

I haven’t been out in the comedy scene as much as I used to be.  It’s not because I don’t like it.  I enjoy the comedians and everything I just feel a burden that is misplaced.  Like I am a bother to everyone else there.  Like this past Monday I hosted the comedian debates and every time I touched the mic I felt like I was just being a dick.  It’s a weird feeling feeling like a douche, but it was there.

The Chrysler has seen better days.  I have put a lot of money into making it better, but it still needs work.  I have a mistrust of mechanics.  They know stuff that I don’t know, so that means they can screw me over.  I am thinking about just trading it in for something newer, but I am also cheap as hell so I am trying to find that balance between new and not driven to the ground.  I mean if I just want a 2009-10 then I can get one.  If I want one with less that 90k miles that is a different story.  Where the hell are these people driving?  Narnia?  I saw a 2014 with 120k miles on it.  It must have belonged to an insurance agent or some car rental place.  I don’t want that.  I know with my credit I can’t walk into a dealership and get a brand new car (I wouldn’t want one anyway), but I don’t want something that can’t get me to my shows.

My daughter sang her solo last night and it was great.  She sung “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.  She souled it up a little bit.  That is a black trait.  She makes me want to do better.  I feel like so far I have failed her.  The older she gets the more I can feel her not wanting to be around me.  That may be a manufactured feeling, but I feel it all the same.

I think I have written enough.  See you Friday!!



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