Shows In Churches And The Avengers

Had a show last weekend for a bunch of volunteers at a church.  No problem, right?  There is if they decide to have the show inside the church.  The entire week leading up to the show, I didn’t know what to do.  I don’t consider myself a “dirty” comic, but I can be if provoked.  When I got to the church there was a guy sitting in front of the church trying to get a selfie on his flip phone.  I walked in to see that it was an older crowd and they were spread out.  They were nice, and before they ate they said a prayer. Just like every prayer that a church leader leads, it was long as all hell.  God can read you mind homie! He knows what you want.  I got up and basically did every light hearted joke I had ever written.  The thing about these kinds of shows is that almost anything can be seen as offensive.  Can’t talk about drinking because most of the volunteers were alcoholics.  Can’t talk about sex.  Hell, I didn’t want to do any bear fighting jokes (yes, I have bear fighting jokes).  I just talked about mowing grass and my kid and my heart attack.  That ate up the time and after getting paid I left unscathed.  I was able to get through the show, but would I subject myself to that all the time?  No.  Hell’s nah!

After the show I went to the Bing to see the film we made “One Sip” get played in the 50 hour film slam top 15.  I was happy that we got into the top 15, but all the other films that made it to the top 15 were comedies and we did a drama.  We played in between two comedies and you could see we were different, but in a comedy heavy line-up I could understand why we could get over looked.  We didn’t win any awards, but what was so great was having the thing we worked on seen by so many people. More people have seen that one thing we have done then have seen all of my YouTube videos.

The night before that, I went and saw The Avengers and I was pleased with the movie.  It didn’t take me away like the first one, but how could it.  The idea of these guys together for the first time was awesome.  This time it was great, but missed on the charm a little bit.  I like how Marvel is making sure that all of their movies are connected and that things that happened in one carries over to the next.  So, you know what is going on from Iron Man to this movie.  I will get it on Blu-Ray.

Got some photo shoots lined up.  That changed really quickly from this week from last week.  It is a weird thing because I think a lot of people just don’t think about photos like they used to.  I think camera phones have made it so people have just thought it was good enough.  I am glad when I get different types of shoots as well.  It isn’t just portraits.  Like in a couple of days I will be doing a commercial shoot.  Really cool!

Still waiting on my check from Eastern.  The worrier in me is thinking that they intercepted it to pay some invisible debt.  I think like that because I actually walked away with my degree.  I feel like there is a catch somewhere in some papers that I didn’t read that will have me pay them 30 bucks a week for the rest of my life just for the right to call myself a college graduate or something.  It is most likely that all the paperwork needed took awhile.

I hope I don’t get sued for having the picture of the church lady on my blog.  NBC Comcast, I mean no harm!


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