Private Shows And Film Success

I have a private show this weekend and I am always nervous about these things.  They usually want you to perform in front of a bunch of people that are probably forced there by a superior and so they don’t want to laugh for a myriad of reasons.  They usually want the show clean, which is something I can do no problem, but I am still anxious at the thought of maybe slipping and saying something terrible.  Another thing about these types of shows is that their definition of “clean” is different for a lot of people.  They are a volunteers for a Christian group so I am assuming all sexual innuendo is out the door as well as language.  Good thing I have a lot of material on my kid.

The short film I helped with got selected to be shown at the 50 hour slam here in Spokane!  When I saw the finished product I was amazed at how great it was, but I didn’t think we were gonna get selected to be a part of final selection.  I am really excited, and I hoped that after the show I can get down there in time to see our film get shown.

Photography has waned a little bit, and I think that is because I focused a lot on the artist community. Comedians don’t have any damn money!  I am gonna branch out and see where that takes me.  I have a facebook page dedicated to this endeavor, but I haven’t gotten too much work off of that.

Shawna and I were bored and so we just drove around the further reaches of Spokane and I will be going back to take pictures of some of the cool stuff I saw.  At the very least this will get me outside and walking around.  The weather is too good right now to waste.

My kid is playing softball and she is pretty good at the hitting.  Doesn’t understand a damn thing when it comes to fielding.  I was not a great fielder when I was playing highschool baseball, but I did know what I was supposed to do.  I like going to her games and taking photos of her, but I think she doesn’t like it because it draws attention to her.  Oh well, I’m her dad, I’m supposed to embarrass her.


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