Comedy In Portland

I have experienced two shows in Portland.  One professional show and one open mic and I was very impressed.  The open mic was at Helium Comedy Club.  It is a really nice club and they ran a damn good open mic.  They had 25 people and got them all in in under 2 hours!  That just can’t happen in Spokane.  That would have been 2 and a half to 3 hours and I think it is because they are hardcore about their rules.  If you are not there by a certain time then you don’t get to go on.  If you go over the time, then you will not be put on the list next time.  I think that is something that Spokane should adopt.  They gave the more established comedians more time.  I thought that was fair.  You get what you earned.  I only talked to a handful of comics, but they were cool.

The professional show was hosted and put together by Todd Armstrong and it was really good.  The audience for both the open mic and the pro show was great.  I got to see Freddie Walker and he just looked like Portland was where he was supposed to be.  In Spokane, I think people were thrown off a little bit by his absurd material.  In a larger city, you will probably get more of an audience that will appreciate what you are doing.

I haven’t travelled that much through Portland, so I haven’t taken that many pictures, but I do love the city.  The traffic isn’t murder like Seattle.  They only have one photo shop that was alright.  The other two that I checked out were not that good.  They were tiny and didn’t have a used section.

I am going to go see if there is an open mic I can check out in a place that isn’t as top shelf as Helium.  I will probably be able to see another side of Portland comedy.  See ya Monday!


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