A Whole Box Of CDs

I did my show at my old college.  It was fun.  I was told that we got more people then the other two acts got.  That made me feel good.  There isn’t anything I could have done to made it better.  The crowd was a little timid, but overall it was a great show.  I think I like doing colleges.  The problem is that there is a complicated system to get into these types of colleges.  You have to go to a conference and parade around and hope that you can beat out all the different acts there that want the same thing as you.

A couple of comics came out to the show and I thought that was cool as hell.  That is the cool thing about comics in this town nowadays.  A lot of guys could give two fucks about what others are doing, but there are a couple of guys that will go to anything, and that shows that Spokane comedy is getting better and better with each new wave of people.

Photography has slacked off a little, but I plan on picking that up.  I just need to get the word out that this is what I do and that I can do a lot of different things.  I don’t want to mess with weddings though. The last thing I need is to have some bridezilla come after me about not taking enough pictures of her and her dog or some crazy shit.  I just want to take portraits and event photos and call it good.  I think the issue is that because everyone has a camera that we have just accepted blurry ass terrible pictures as just a part of life.  It is even harder to convince people to pay you hundreds of dollars for something that their kid does all the time.  I think the message needs to be that I can provide great pictures that won’t put you in the poor house.

I bought a new box of CDs to sell after shows.  People tend to like CDs.  I would prefer to just sell people download cards, but that can be complicated.  Some people have iPhones and some have Androids and then some weird guy will have a Windows phone or some shit, and all these people have different ways of getting things on their devices.  Some people don’t even add things on there phones, so a CD is the logical choice.  I need more stuff to sell.  I have ideas, but I don’t want to sell something just for the sake of selling stuff.  I want people to see the thing and say, “Damn, I need that!”

Thank you for checking out my blog.  I appreciate it so much.



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