The Lovely Month Of April

Historically, April has always been a busy month for me.  I don’t know if it is the increase in sunshine making me want to do a lot of things, or it is because the last gasps of winter are slowly fading away, and I try to get as much comedy in as I can before I hit the desert months of summer.

Whatever it is, it means cramming a bunch of stuff in and running around like crazy.  For example, today I will be performing at the Bing Crosby Theater.  The guys I have worked with have put a lot of heart and soul into this project and I hope everything works out.  The concept is not a new one, but it is foreign if you have never heard of it before.  “You gonna talk during an entire movie?” “AND you’re gonna stop it to show us your little home movies?”  See!  It can sound down right silly if you think about it, but I think this is a natural thing that all people do.  I know me and my uncle used to do it all the time.  My mom would get pissed because we would talk through Scooby Doo or something.  Now, I might get paid to do just that…man, I love America.

Then next week I have a bunch of things where people think that by me being there it will somehow help.  I will be doing a charity event in Idaho and judging a drag show the day after…Again…America. Then the next week I will be at my old school Eastern Washington University to tell jokes.  After that I will be going to Portland for a couple of days and then doing a show in Salem Oregon. That is a pretty busy month. At least for someone at my level.

I am excited about the show at Eastern, but a little cautious as well.  The way I see it, they will try to short me because I am not going through regular channels like most entertainment that comes to the campus.  I know how much most comics get to perform there.  I am not asking for that much.  I wish I could charge that much, but I know I am not at that level, nor did I go through the things those other acts went through to make that money.  I do expect half though.  This is the hard thing about negotiating your price.  If you go too high people will think you are an idiot, or out of touch with how much you are really worth, but if you go too low, you just shorted yourself out of money.  I don’t want to rob them, I just want to get what I think is reasonable.

About to work on a web series with some fellow comedians and this is the type of stuff that gives me a boner.  I like creating and working with people I like.  The only problems I see is just getting everything down and writing a script that lets everyone be funny.

I am working on the final touches of my podcast.  All I need now is a website and a podcast host.  I am going with libsyn on the podcast hosting side and I will probably go with wordpress on the website side.  I don’t want to throw too much money at this until I know it is something that I want to do.

I was able to help with someone’s submission in Spokane’s 50 hour film slam.  I enjoyed it a lot. Again, probably because I was working with people I liked and doing something I loved.  I saw the finished stuff and it was amazing.  I almost teared up!  It’s like watching a baby be born, but without all the liquid and pain.


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