The Creative Process

Helping a couple of local comedians with sketches for a show they are putting on in April.  I love watching and being a part of the creative process.  Even though these are short, five minute sketches, a lot of work goes into making them great.  A lot of planning and shooting and editing are involved in maybe getting a couple of jokes across.  It is a process, but one I enjoy being a part of.

I have a big show coming up in April at my alma mater, Eastern Washington University.  I was so excited that I forgot to ask how much I am even getting paid.  See, here is the thing about being at the level I am.  Everyone just expects a deal from you.  It happened when I opened for Jeff Dye at the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane.  The guy called me and told me something about the budget.  He said he could only pay me a certain amount.  Granted, I took it, but I know that it wasn’t because of a budget crunch or anything, but it had more to do with the fact that because I was local, they figured they could short me.  The thing is, the people that they have had in that spot have no more credits than I do.  It’s just that because they are out of town, they seem more exotic.  Again, I am not blaming anyone for me taking the work.  I took the work!  I just don’t want to be low balled because I am local.  I know how much an act is getting to come to EWU. I am not saying I am worth 5-6 grand.  I do think I am worth half that.  I was just to stupid to make it known before I accepted.

Comedy is on an upswing in Spokane at the moment.  That seems to happen every 3-4 years.  I have seen it twice in my time doing comedy here.  It is always good to see fresh faces and new venues welcoming comedy.  Unlike before, however, I look for signs that say the bubble is about to burst.  I think the biggest issue  with Spokane comedy right now is that we have a crap ton of open mics.  The logic seems sound.  Have an open mic or a show every night of the week for people to work out their stuff.  The problem is that it thins the talent down.  The big open mics continue to be Uncle D’s Comedy Underground and Chan’s.  People flock to Uncle D’s because it is the only REAL club we have in Spokane.  Chan’s still gets comics to come out, but not at the level that it used to be.  I think that is because early on, Chan’s was hard as hell.  If you didn’t get their attention they would talk over you and yell at you.  Now, it is a little more tame.  It can get wild, especially if it runs over and the regulars start creeping in, but it isn’t a bad place to work out.

Now, there are about 4-5 more places, but they don’t get the love as much as the top two places.  See, what happened before all these places popped up is that if you wanted to get stage time, you had only two options.  So people would pack those two places.  Now with more options, they are less likely to go to any because they know they can just go tomorrow, then tomorrow, then the week begins again and they still haven’t gone out.  I can understand why people wanted more mics.  Uncle D’s is packed to the gills and Chan’s can be hostile.  Uncle D has certain restrictions and a lot of people want more options in which to do and say what they want.  What happened though, is that no one talked to anyone else and all these places sprang up.

I don’t have the time to go to ever open mic, even for the documentary.  I am focusing on the ones that were around when I first started filming.  It might not show all of Spokane’s comedy scene, but the same people go to all of them so there is nothing different.  Just different scenery.

Finally got off my ass and made a Facebook page for my photography side gig.  I haven’t finished it though.  There are still pictures I need to put up and I need to put up my pricing.  I have just been working at it little by little.

My podcast is now moving into the planning stages (from the “just a thought” stage).  I think I have a name, I just need to get a graphic done and get the site and hosting done.  When it comes to starting new stuff I am always slacking.  See paragraph above for more info on that.

As always thanks for reading my musings.  I appreciate it and I hope it gives you something to do while you pretend to work.


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