NYC Comedy As I See It

I have been in New York City since Sunday and I have done a total of 3 open mics. The good news is that they have tons of open mics and tons of comics. The bad news is they have no one to perform in front of other than other comics. All three of the open mics I have done (and I watched one) had not one single audience member. This is a city of about 9.5 million people. How is it that not one random person in the crowd isn’t someone that does comedy?  Say what you want about Spokane. At least they have people to perform in front of. The comics are just like comics all over the country. There are terrible ones and decent ones and really good ones. Just like Spokane. You have to pay to go up. So every basement in the city has an open mic and for 5 bucks you can play in front of other comics who paid 5 bucks to watch you. I don’t care how man times you can get up a night. If only other comics are there how do yo know if it will work in front of people that don’t understand the ins and outs outs of jokes?

If you have never done comedy before and you have to do it in NYC.  Wow.  I feel bad for you. Now I see why people in this area come up with just these weird brilliant bits.  That is the only thing that can get a comic off.

When I agreed to tag along I assumed that the living arrangements that was discussed was all in order.  When I landed I was told to stay at the airport until the lady that owned the place left because she didn’t know another person was coming.  I was told months before that everything was cool.  So of course I was kinda mad, but I didn’t want to be mad at the person that had set it up. She could have not asked me to come.  I could have also gotten arrangements somewhere else if it was gonna be a problem.

I got there a day later because of a show so the three I was with got to meet everyone and everything was cool.  Things didn’t go downhill until the roommates of the lady that asked us to stay in the apartment saw me on the couch and thought I was a stranger. To me that said that I wasn’t even discussed about to anyone.  I felt like the fifth wheel after that.  The person that wasn’t supposed to come but did anyway.

I don’t think it would have mattered anyway because the ladies that lived there were racist.  They had no issues with the group as long as they were white.  They were Asian and when they saw me they started whispering.  I just thought they were being polite. Nope! Just trying to figure out how a big negro got in the apartment.  It really messed with me knowing that I technically didn’t have a place to stay.  They then started complaining (probably to get the group kicked out so that I would be gone) and so we had to go sleep in this small ass room to look as though we were not there anymore.

So, after this experience I have learned that if a group of comics ask me to go somewhere to go on my own and meet them at places.  That way I don’t have to worry about this and if I get tired of dealing with typical comic stuff, I can go lay down.




One thought on “NYC Comedy As I See It

  1. If you get this way, you can stay with us. You have to bring your own ps4 though, because I don’t have one.

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