Why Banks Suck

I hate banks.  Banks are not in it to protect your money from home invaders.  They are not set up to make sure you can access your money without carrying a dirty sock everywhere.  They are built to take your money in anyway possible.  There entire existence is to take.

My dad told me to never trust anyone else with your money.  I forgot that lesson. Don’t trust friends or family with your money.  NEVER trust a bunch of strangers with it…

I am filming a documentary on the open mic scene of Spokane.  It isn’t gonna be long.  About 10-15 minutes.  I just want to show the places where comedy takes place and the talent that is in the city.  I love these guys.  A lot of them work to make themselves better.  It is a great thing to see.

I should be making a website, but I had trouble with it last week and so I just stopped.  That is why my calendar has so many holes in it.  I get distracted and discouraged fast.  That is not what makes a successful comic.

I get all these ideas and then I realize that I haven’t finished with the 4 I started months ago.  I was supposed to write a novella.  I was supposed to make Facebook page for my podcast and my photography business.  None of these things have been completed, and it’s all my fault.

I am basically shaking with excitement about going to New York.  I am gonna do all the tourist stuff and hopefully get on an open mic or 3.  Nintendo of America and FAO Shwartz will be visited.  I have all the stereotypical worries about NY.  I am scared of getting mugged and left for dead in a sewer.  I don’t even know why I am so close to a sewer to be left there for dead.  I’m 300 lbs.  They ain’t carrying me.




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