Daughters And Daddies

This past weekend, I took my kid to the daddy daughter dance.  She wanted to go last year, but I was out of town so we were not able to do that.  I felt bad.  You always want to create memories with your children, Especially if it is not that expensive. We went and had a great time.  I think she will see that I can dress up.  That I can dance without being ridiculous, and that we are all a little crazy.

I just got a couple new lenses so I am really excited to get some comics in here and take their head shots.  I think I have shown that I can do pretty good work and they also know (I think) that I am not gonna do them wrong.  I have a reputation in the Spokane comedy community.  I don’t want to mess it up to make a couple of bucks.

Very excited about New York.  I think this is the thing I need for my career.  I need to venture out and se if what I’m doing can be successful in front of different types of people.  I know it works in the Northwest.  I don’t know if it would work over on the east coast or the south or in front of an all black audience (it’s usually mixed results).  I think with the sheer number of opportunities to get on stage there you either know pretty soon that it isn’t working or you know that you still have a chance in this business.

I was listening to a podcast and a guy was telling a caller not to move to a big city like Chicago, New York, or L.A. because those places are for people that have at least time.  I totally agree with that.  The weird thing was that he said he was doing it for six years!  I have been doing it for nearly 10.  I still don’t think I have what it takes to make a run in a big city.  Mainly because of finances.  If I had a job prospect in the area, or If I had a chance to get some decent comedy work (like opening for an established comedian) then I would do it.

Spokane is a great place to know if you can do it though.  I have watch some comics in the area go from 0 to 100 in a matter of months.  Mike Evans, Ryan McComb, Steven Tye, and Mattie Sobatka are names that come to mind right away.  People that just got up on stage and it clicked really fast for them.  I think it is mostly because they have a sense of what they would like to talk about sooner than most people.  That is not to say there are no other good comics.  It’s just that these guys (and gal) got good really fast.

Still making YouTube videos.  I like doing it.  Even if they don’t do crazy numbers.  I have to remind myself that I only know like 10 people that would check my stuff out regularly.  What you have to do is keep on trucking until you gain an audience.  That is how my comedy career has worked, and look where that got me…wait…


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