Why You Need A Website

I hope you liked the previous couple of posts on the promotional package.  I learned a lot from the research I did on it.  What I usually do is, I look up what I need to know and then if I think it is something worth sharing I will write it up (most of the time poorly).  This post is no different.  I found out pretty early in the Seattle Comedy Competition that I needed a website.

Here is the thing:  I used to have a website!  When I first got started, I had a website and it wasn’t the greatest thing on the planet, but it had all my information on it.  I ran into money problems and I let the address lapse and ever since then I have been directing everyone over to Facebook.  Which is not a great thing.  A lot of people are turned off by Facebook.  There is a lot of noise there, and directing them there usually meant that they would not go there.  Facebook and twitter is a great place for fans to connect with you.  It is not a great place to have bookers and potential client go to you.  I have found that there are two things people look for in those that are in business for themselves.  A business card and a website.

I thought that Facebook would be enough.  I mean think about it.  You have everything you need right there.  I think there is something different in the package that is a fan site and a more professional looking website.  Facebook is not about presenting information to someone that is looking for it.  You can find it, but that is not what you want people doing when they are looking for more media or information like an email address or phone number.

You don’t even have to have a fancy ass website either.  You can get a godaddy domain and have them hook you up with a website and everything (I am not advertising for them…but I would if they paid me).  I am going to go with squarespace.  I just like their pricing and I have played around with their website builder and the end results are really nice.  You don’t need a dedicated web site designer.  If you have the money and you want to look like a baller than go ahead!  I have seen some comics with some great sites.  http://alvinwilliamscomedy.com/ and https://www.natejacksoncomedy.com/ are two that come to mind right off the bat.  As you can see if you click on them that they have a very simple but yet clear design.  There isn’t a lot of BS going on.  It is for people to get in a get more information on them.  Want to know when they are back in town?  It’s there!  Want to know the cool stuff they have been up too?  Right on there.  Two very good sites that I will no doubt look toward for inspiration.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are building your own site.  First, you have to update the site!  Nothing is worst than seeing a professional comic, that you know has worked recently, showing on their website that they have a big after christmas comedy show.  You want people to get the impression that when you leave their town, you are still doing comedy like a big time comedy person.  Another thing is to not give away too much stuff on your site.  I have seen people put their whole act up on their site.  Why?  You want them to get just enough to want to see you live in person.  That is the job of the website!  Let the website be a place to intrigue them enough to throw down 10 bucks to see you.  It might also look to a booker that you don’t know what you are doing if you have all of your material up on your site to see.  The last thing is to make sure you have all of your information on there.  I have seen sites where all they have is their YouTube video and their bio.  That isn’t enough!  You need your email, agents info if you have it, dates that you already have booked, and your phone number.  If you are afraid that an ex is gonna call you demanding that you repay them, then you have other issues.

I hope this helps you with your site.  I will have my site up by the next post.  Thanks for reading and have a great week.



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