The Promo Package: The Resume

This is the last in a series on the promotional package that you would send to potential bookers.  We have gone over head shots, videos, and the biography.  Now we will discuss the resume.  I personally don’t think this is all that important.  It is mostly just shows them where you have performed and what other things you have done.  It looks really good if you have done a crap ton of stuff, but on the other hand, it looks weak if all you have done is open mics.  I don’t really have an idea on wether or not bookers are using this in their judgement on if they should hire you or not.

The resume is usually a page with your name up top (Your bio should have your name up there as well!) and you divide your entertainment type work into categories.  I have seen a lot of people that will go: COMEDY, TV/COMMERCIALS, MOVIES.  You can divide it however you want to make it look more impressive.

I usually put everything up on there that seems cool.  If all you have done is bar gigs then you would have to put them there, but as you do more stuff you should probably take them off.  It just a matter of trying to show the person looking at this that you have done some impressive stuff. Bars are not that impressive.  They are like the double A’s of the comedy kingdom.

If you have been in commercials and tv shows and stuff put that up there.  Why?  Hell I don’t know!  It makes you look like you are more than just a dive bar comic.  Bookers eat that crap up.  Especially if it is a show that is popular.  If you are on the Hallmark channel it might not be as impressive as ABC, but it is better than QVC by a long shot.

Throw that you were in Movies.  If you were an extra it doesn’t matter.  You are on the film so you can take credit for it.  It is all about trying to impress this person.  So if you were in Saving Private Ryan than throw that on there.  If you were in Freddy Got Fingered…leave that off.

I think the resume is dying off because it is usually bloated.  People will throw on there that they were on Last Comic Standing if they were just in a shot.  That counts…kind of.  I know this sounds hypocritical to what I just wrote above.  It is!  The thing is that if you want to work on a meaningful level you have to play by some silly ass rules.  In a perfect world, comics would get work based on how well they do on stage.  But this is not a perfect world.  You have to deal with bookers that have their own personal agendas.  You have to deal with comics that might not be on the up and up.  You have to go through hundreds of comics that are trying to get the same limited amount of work so you have to do everything you can to get seen.  That is why I do this blog.  And the YouTube videos.  And the upcoming podcast.  You have to impress these people, and the sad thing is that just your jokes will not cut it.  Just being able to show up and do a great job will not cut it.  Being able to not sexually molest the staff will not cut it.  You have to be a neon sign in a sea of neon signs.  This series will not guarantee you work.  But, if you do a good job at the promo package and show up ready to blow up (do well not detonate yourself) then you have a shot.  Thanks for reading.


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