What I Learned Trying To Record My Own CD

I was headlining the comedy club we have in Spokane.  I was also recording it for a cd I wanted to release in the new year.  I learned a lot about doing it myself. See, the last time I did a cd recording, I had help from a guy that has a lot of experience with this like this.  I do not have such knowledge.  I do, however, have YouTube, so I figured I could learn.  I learned how to hook my macbook to a mixer.  I didn’t take into account the fact that the club did not have a mixer.  They had a weird, old ass, PA system thing with a tape out.  I connected my macbook to that and…nothing.  I could not get the sound to go through my computer.  Apparently, Apple, in there infinite wisdom, decided to take the line in out of headphone jack.  In the past, you could hook a mic up to the headphone jack, change a setting, and you were good to go.  Not anymore!  You need a usb adapter to allow you to take a mic jack and get it into the mac.  So I decided to use my ipad.  I know they allow mic inputs in the headphone jack.  So, that is what I did Saturday night.  I had it connected, ready to go, garageband is connected and recording…and garageband on the ipad doesn’t allow you to record longer than like 30 minutes!  So I have a recording of my show, but only about half of it.  So…I should have just gotten my guy to do it for me again.  I did learn how to connect stuff to other stuff, but man it sucked to know that what is keeping my cd from coming out is the limitations of a program.  So I bought the usb headphone adapter and I will try again.  I don’t know if I will have to get a spot to record it or go back to the club.


Thanks for checking out my blog.  I really appreciate it.  I hope it helps or at the very least entertain you.


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