Why You Aren’t Getting More Work

Show business is more than just talent.  You have to be prepared for almost any type of work.  Comedy is a little behind in some instances, but there are still things that we are not doing to get more work.

Headshots: This is usually the first thing a booker or promoter sees when they are looking for comics to hire.  Just a snap shot with you phone and in greyscale is not gonna cut it!  If you can afford it then you should.  Nothing says I am worth that money than a nice headshot.  If you can try to get a color and black and white.  I think black and white is from the old days.  If you can’t afford it see if you have a comedy buddy that will do it cheap or for free.  Getting a headshot with a nice DSLR is still better than that cameraphone pic you have from 5 years ago.

Bios and Resumes: I hate this because it is like bragging about yourself, but it does serve a purpose.  First, what it does is it tells bookers that you have done (or haven’t done) stuff.  If you have opened for Dave Chapelle you should probably let people know that mainly because it lets them know that you have been vetted.  I usually don’t get asked for this anymore.  It doesn’t really make sense.  Unless you are an actor.  Why do you want to know how many bars and sub comedy clubs I have worked.

Social Media: This is not the 90’s anymore.  You have to be out there and nothing is better than social media.  You really should be on twitter and facebook so you can connect and promote.  Promotion of shows is a hit or miss affair.  If you are in a small town you can burn out potential patrons pretty quickly.  If you are in a bigger area, it pays to have these so you can connect with other comics.  I have gotten a lot of work from just having Facebook and twitter and people seeing that I am active.

Video Reel:  I feel that this is very important.  You want people who are about to hire you, to see what you can actually do.  They might not really think your bio is impressive, but they may see your video and you can change their mind.  Well, if you do a good job with it.  Again, cameraphone video might be handy, but it won’t impress a booker.  You want high quality video that shows what you can do.  You should try to have a couple of videos so you can send them depending what kind of work you are trying to get.  I have one for the corporate stuff and one for normal clubs and such.  The corporate video doesn’t have cursing in it.  That way they can see that I can do material that won’t send them the HR.

I think if you keep on working and doing these things (and keeping them updated!), you will see that it is much easier to get work.


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