SICC And What It Taught Me

I finished the Seattle International Comedy Competition 6th.  I was really close to making it to the finals.  The competition taught me some things about myself.  Mainly, that I am not just some guy pretending to be a comic.  I am a comedian, whose jokes are up to par with the rest of the comics working today.  I always thought that Spokane made it that I was not really writing jokes for a larger set of people.  That I was too local.  I was able to make it work for me and I actually won a night in the semi final round. Another thing I realized is that I need to sharpen up my stuff so I look more presentable to potential bookers.

Spokane comedy will be changing in about 4-6 months.  A couple of people that were holding things down are leaving.  The main comedy club in town will be closing shop and there will be less open mics to work on new material.  This has happened before.  It will probably happen again.  I think Spokane needs a shake up, but not like this.  I think we need a franchise club to come in and take over.  Some of their practices are not conducive to growing comics in the area, but it would make comedy a viable option in an area not known for it.

I have been thinking of leaving Spokane so I can get more opportunities.  That only works if you have the work ethic in the first place to be ready when those opportunities arise.  If you are not sharp, don’t have your stuff together and not ready, then you are not going to succeed.



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