SICC First Round Retrospective

If you have been following my blog, then you know that I am competing in this years Seattle International Comedy Competition.  Last week was the preliminary round, and I was able to be one of five comedians to move on to the semi finals.  There are a lot of things I learned about this competition.  I would like to share them with you.

It Doesn’t Matter: Going into this competition I was worried that my reputation as a comedian would be tarnished if I didn’t make it to the next round.  This is completely false.  I think it is something that you can put on your resume.  It doesn’t mean that you will never get work as a comic again.  There are just too many good comics for that to be the case.  It also didn’t matter how you placed the first night.  I didn’t make the top 5 at all and two of the comics that did didn’t even make it to the semifinal round.

Doing You Best:  I noticed before everything was said and done that I would make the top 5 or not.  I was never shocked (except the first night) that I didn’t do well.  Wednesday night I took first.  I knew right after my set that I did well, but I didn’t think it was good enough for the top spot of the night.  Tuesday night, I didn’t do my best material. I did material that gets laughs.  I changed it up.  Some people who didn’t place any night kept doing the same stuff.  I didn’t know if that was their best or if that was just what they wanted to do.

There Will Always Be Bias:  We are humans and we carry a lot of baggage with us.  I saw that on several nights when one comic would not make the top 5 and I think I know why.  Because he would talk about being gay.  Now he never talked about homosexual sex, but some of these little areas of the country are still stupid and I think that is why he didn’t finish better.  I also think it was because he talked bad about football in general and people hate that.  I also heard people telling comics that they were trying to become a judge so they could score them highly. That probably would not have made them win because it would have been just one night and there were other judges that might not be biased in that way, but it was weird to hear someone say that no matter what, I would have scored you high even if you didn’t deserve it.  Of course judges had biases as well.  I think Tuesday night (which was industry night where agents and such would be judges) that happened to me.  They didn’t like my “look”  I didn’t look like I should be doing shows and stuff.  And I would agree.  That is why I would be perfect for such a thing.

All Comics Have The Same Fears:  All these guys (and gals) just want to be loved for the stuff they are doing on stage.  That is all.  They want to win because they believe that it will mean more shows and more recognition.  We fear being hated for what we wrote down.  We fear not being seen as a good comic.  Because this is all we know.

I Am Funny…To Some: I feel like my act is for the in between crowd.  The average joe. It didn’t do well with the rich or the older crowd.  I don’t know why.  It just does.


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