Getting Out Of A Rut

I a writing this on my phone because I sold my iPad and laptop. Don’t worry. I will be back in full swing hopefully by next week. Not having my laptop means that this post will be short and probably meaningless to many of you. I had a fellow comic ask me about being in a rut and how to fix it. The thing about this is that I believe being in a rut creatively is normal and natural in order to create better art. If you are always happy with the end result you will be less likely to change it.

When I am I satisfied with the way my set is going I start to take chances in stage. I will talk about recent events or start acting silly. Anything to reawaken the demon that got me on stage in the first place. I try not to keep going over the same material because it isn’t helping me. I focus on pushing forward. Now. This will lead to bad sets. You will not be 100% perfect but you will be better for it.

Ok. My thumbs are on fire. I’ll see you guys next week!


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