How “slack” Can Kill The Comic

Slacking off has killed more comedians than alcohol and prescription pain meds combined.  Slacking happens, I believe, happens to every comic making it in comedy is largely dependent on your ability to get stuff done.  Unlike a normal job, the entertainment business is based on your getting out there and doing the leg work. It is very easy to slack off.  Lets talk about it.

I often notice that the biggest reasons people start slacking off on the hustle that is comedy, is a new relationship, or a new job.  The job thing is understandable.  You have to pay your bills.  There is no way around that.  The thing is, I have never taken a job that will interfere with my ability to do comedy.  If you work night shifts, it can be tough to get to open mics or paid shows because you are supposed to be at work.  A new relationship adds to the slacking because now you don’t have all that spare time to just go to open mics and go to coffee shops to write.  Sex is a great way to put comedy on the way side.  When you are getting a blowie every other day (lucky!), all of a sudden comedy doesn’t seem that important.  It is hard to have multiple priorities, but I have never wanted to be in a relationship unless I can keep doing comedy.

Another way that “slack” can kill the comic is depression or low self esteem.  This is what gets me.  I get so down on myself that I stop sending out stuff or wanting to pursue comedy.  I will go 3-4 months without doing anything productive comedy wise.  That is why I had to change some stuff.  That is why I started to YouTube videos and writing this blog, I need to constantly be in the comedy state of mind and push through the bad times to get to the times when I want to get up and push my career along.  I think a lot of comedians hit an obstacle and just decide to give up at that point.  It is easy to do so.  It can be hard to be told no over and over, or not getting a response to sending emails and stuff.  This happens.  This is the normal progression of comedy.  Not everyone will just start doing comedy and 5 years later start making a living at it. I think that is what kills the spirit of a lot of comedians.  Comedy is a constant struggle.  You have to write, you have to perform, and you have to promote yourself.  This can all be really hard when you have mental illness and can easier dissuade.  You have to remember that slacking will only hurt your comedy and you are the only one that cares about your career.


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