The Will

For this weeks blog, I didn’t know what to call it.  I don’t think “The Will” is a good representation of what I wanted to talk about, but by the end it may turn out like that so let’s see where this takes us.

I started with my video blog which can be found on YouTube. This is the first video and it is just the start of something that I hope will prosper and last a long time.  Comedy, like life, involves stepping out of your comfort zone all the time and exposing yourself to the randomness of life.  You may think that because a lot of comedy is scripted, that there would not be any room for a variable.  Different audiences, different nights, difference pants can change a show for good or bad.  With doing this video blog, I am exposing myself to a new audience and I am doing something where there are more parts.  I have to make the video and sound look good and I have to edit the video and I have to keep it fresh with topics that people will want to watch.

I have read and watched enough YouTube personalities to know that this will not be an over night success.  Hell, I may not even be a success at all.  But that is the risk you take not only in comedy, but in life.  Sometimes I get on stage with an idea and the idea falls flat.  It just sinks.  The key is you have to have the will (AHA!) to push through it and not let it get to you or knock you off your horse.  I’m sure I am not the only one that has had bumps in the road where you thought it should all just end.  Like when I got diagnosed with Lupus, or when I got a divorce, or when I got out of school and couldn’t find a job, or all the acting role rejections, or the comedy clubs that turn me away constantly.  If we stopped at the obstacle, would anything ever get done?

I have realistic expectations for everything, but I never stop dreaming.  I dream of doing shows 49 weeks out of the year and releasing more albums and entertaining more people.  If it doesn’t happen that doesn’t mean my life was wasted.  My life would be wasted if I took an office job and never even tried to chase my dreams.  And that’s where the will comes in.  You have to have the will to talk yourself off the ledge sometimes.  We can’t help but get down sometimes when things don’t go our way, but that is the perfect time to look inside yourself and tell yourself that it is worth all the pain.

I keep working on ways to entertain more people, while doing the things that make me happy. Like writing this blog and doing the show on YouTube.  It is gonna be rocky for awhile.  No one may watch it, but that doesn’t mean I just stop because I feel bad about myself.  I keep going until I catch an audience (which I think I can do) and make something out of it.  You don’t fail until you stop trying, and that is where will comes in.  The will to keep pushing until you can reach your goals.  No matter if it’s comedy or working at a call center, if you have a goal you must have the willpower to see it through.  I knew I would get my title in there.


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