Getting The Band Back Together

Comedy has slowed to a crawl in the Spokane area.  The one full time club is done with weekend shows until September.  So what is a comic to do?  You can travel to Seattle or Portland.  If you have the money.  I have enough money to get over there maybe once a month, but I can’t manage it more than that.  A couple of years ago I was a part of a sketch comedy group, that used to do shows and videos.  Well, we are forming up again like a vagabond version of Voltron to do more videos and sketches!  I’m excited because writing and filming sketches is something I have been wanting to do again for a long time.  Now that comedy is slowing down, I can focus on this and still keep the creative juices flowing.  It’s all about keeping your head in a creative space.

Going to be heading over to Seattle later next month (June) to be a part of a little competition.  I am not a fan of competition, especially when the judging involves the audience, but I have to get out of Spokane every now and then.  I do so much comedy in Spokane that I feel weird whenever I leave the area to do comedy.  When I was in the midwest last year doing comedy, I felt like none of those shows actually went as planned.  Seattle is a little better.  I don’t know if it is because of the more open nature of a large city or what, but the more stuff I do over there the better I feel when I get off stage and that is important.

Since this competition is about how the audience approves of you, all you have to do is stack the crowd and you can win whatever it is they are giving away.  I am not approaching this like I am trying to win.  I am going in looking to form relationships.  See comedy is worldwide, but so few people have the proper connections that it is very important to form bonds with people.  I have gotten more work from other comics I know then anything else.  Don’t get me wrong, I will try to go over there and melt the walls, but I understand that if someone stacks the deck they will end up winning.  If I go over with another goal, I can leave not feeling cheated.


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